16 June 2018


Dress: SheIn // Bag: Pull&Bear // Boots: H&M 

Anyone who knows me knows boho style isn't really my thing. I love it on other people, but it's just not my aesthetic. So, I wanted to challenge myself and go for a different look, and this dress was the perfect way to experiment.
I love how comfy and easy to wear it is and even though it isn't 100% my style I plan on wearing it over and over again, especially on beach days!

What's your favourite summer dress?

13 June 2018


Dress: SheIn // Bag: H&M // Sandals: Ingiliz 

Summer's in full swing and I even managed to go to the beach already! I'm having so much fun, apart from one little detail in the form of a state exam coming very very soon and ready to spoil my summer.
Seriously though, all I need now is good time management, the right mindset and a bit of luck and I'll crush it. But just in case, light a candle for me!

4 June 2018


Today's post is gonna be about a product that quickly became a staple for me. The Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury is not a highlighter, primer or foundation, but a hybrid, which I can sort of compare to MAC Strobe Cream (based on what I've heard about it).

The aim of this product is to give you a healthy youthful glow and basically, as the name suggests, blur imperfections and cast a real life filter on your skin.

I have shade 3. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle like a foundation, but has a large doe foot applicator, which I'm not a fan of to be honest, because it doesn't pick up much product and I can imagine it would be hard to use as I have less left. But that is the only downside. The product keeps the promise of giving the skin a lit from within effect and I absolutely love how multi functional it is.

I use the Hollywood Flawless Filter mainly on no makeup days and it makes my skin look glowy and flawless (when trust me, it isn't naturally). The product has little coverage, so it helps even out the skin tone, but what impressed me most is how it blurs the pores and lasts all day without settling into fine lines.

I also tried using it as a primer under foundation and it gives it that extra glow and smoothness, which is always great, especially for summer, and on top of my foundation as a highlighter/complexion booster, which also works great as it doesn't move the product underneath and smoothens and brightens the skin.

 The Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury wins the multi functional product game for me and is definitely something you need in your life.

Have you tried it yet?


30 May 2018


Dress: SheIn // Sandals: Deichmann // Bag: New Yorker 

Anyone else obsessed with the song? I'm so here for summer, even though, as you know, it's not my favourite season. Also, I somehow caught a cold, so don't let these photos fool you - I was actually feeling sick and with a dry throat, so sangria wine is the last thing I'll be drinking. Back to ginger tea and lemon for me!

24 May 2018


I had my eye on these lipsticks ever since they were announced and it's no surprise that they ended up in my collection. The promise of a creamy non-drying matte won me over and that's why I got 3 colours to try out.

I wanna mention the packaging first - it's the same as the liquid mattes, but these ones have a rose gold cap, which I definitely prefer. The applicator is also the same elongated and flat doe foot (is that a good way to describe it) and the application of the products is easy.
Бях хвърлила око на тези червила още откакто бяха представени и не е изненадващо, че се озоваха в колекцията ми. Обещанието за кремообразен неизсушаващ матов завършек ме спечели и затова си взех 3 цвята.

Искам първо да обърна внимание на опаковката - същата е като на течните матови на марката, но тези имат розово златна капачка, което определено предпочитам. И апликаторът е същият, а нанасянето на продукта е лесно.

I got the colours 102 - a classic nude, 109 - a bright strawberry and 115 - a burgundy red, so I could have a good variety. I like the way they feel on the lips, because they aren't drying at first, however there are a few thing I don't like. The formula takes quite a while to set and even then they transfer. They aren't as long lasting as a liquid matte, but after a few hour's wear they do get really dry on the lips.
Взех си цветове 102 - класическо неутрално, 109 - ярко ягодово и 115 - тъмно червено, за да имам добро разнообразие. Харесва ми как се усещат на устните, защото не са много изсушаващи, но има някои неща, които не ми допадат. Формулата отнема доста време да изсъхне и дори след това се отпечатва. Не са толкова издържливи, колкото матовите, но след няколко часа носене стават доста сухи на устните.

I can compare them to the Kylie Cosmetics velvet formula, which are quite a lot pricier. Despite the downsides, which I mentioned, I think that the Golden Rose Soft&Matte lipsticks are something I'll keep reaching for and I'm planning to stock up on more colours (hope they bring out more nudes).

Have you tried them yet?
Мога да ги сравня с velvet формулата на Kylie Cosmetics, които са доста по-скъпи. Въпреки недостатъците, които споменах, мисля, че червилата на Golden Rose Soft&Matte са нещо, което ще продължавам да използвам и дори планирам да си взема още цветове (надявам се да пуснат на пазара повече неутрални).

Вие пробвахте ли ги вече?

12 May 2018


Top: SheIn // Jeans: Lidl // Denim Jacket: SheIn // Boots: H&M

After 4 long years I can finally say that I'm (almost) done with uni! The only thing left between me and that diploma is the state exam in July. But I'm so proud of myself for getting my shit together, studying for days and getting straight A's.

Now I have no idea what's in store for the future, but that can also be a good thing, because when do things ever go to plan anyway?

6 May 2018


Dress: SheIn // Boots: H&M // Bag: Bershka

Can you believe it's been another year? I was overwhelmed when I turned 20 and now it seems like year after year my youth is slipping away. On a more positive note, I'm still and will always be a child at heart and will always stop to play with stray animals, rewatch Harry Potter on bad and good days and stay in bed and eat sweets as a coping mechanism.

I know I won't always have this body and as the years go by I will probably change a lot, so now's the time to take advantage and wear skin tight dresses and show it off. This one just screams me - from the colour to the length and fit, so it was an obvious choice!


3 May 2018


Dress: SheIn // Boots: Asos // Bag: Bershka

Seriously though! I'm at a point in my life where I don't really care how I look day to day and only make an effort with my makeup and outfit when I shoot a post. I've just felt really disconnected from everything and everyone recently and my looks have been the last thing I wanna focus on.

Exams are almost over now, so I'll slowly be getting back to my old (vain) self.
Ама наистина! В такъв етап от живота си съм, в който не ми пука много как изглеждам в ежедневието и полагам усилия само когато снимам пост. Просто се чувствам много отдалечена от всичко и всички напоследък и външния ми вид е последното, върху което искам да се концентрирам.

Изпитите почти свършиха, така че бавно ще се връщам към старото си (повърхностно) аз.