1 November 2018


I love Troye so much that I had to put him on a t-shirt. I've always been really into Photoshop and this isn't the first one I've made, which got me thinking, what if I started selling my prints? It's all just an idea for now, but I'd love to try it out some day.

You can see the image I made below and having it come to live has been so satisfactory. An ABBA top is definitely next on my list 😄

I'm also including yesterday's makeup, because it was really dramatic and really tied the whole look together.

Много благодаря на Лили и Mezzoforte Art & Design Studio за принта на щампата! Те вдъхнаха живот на тениската и без тях, щях да гледам Трой само на картинка 😅 Можете да ги намерите на ул. Патриарх Евтимий 52 в Пловдив!


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