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2 December 2019


Blazer and skirt co-ord: SheIn

In case you can't tell by now - baby blue is my favorite color! So much that I painted my bedroom wall in it 😅 This co-ord is not something that I would usually go for, because I'm quite insecure about wearing short skirts, but I was pleasantly surprised and even felt confident in it!

10/10 would recommend 👌

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28 November 2019


Blazer and trousers suit: SheIn // Bodysuit: vintage

I've always wanted a pantsuit, but for reasons that remain a mystery to me, I never got one. That is, until now. I'm so happy with my choice because the color is perfect for the season and the fit is absolutely gorgeous!

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24 November 2019


Top: SheIn // Trousers: vintage (aka they were my mom's)

Long time, no see! Not doing fashion posts for a few months has really made me miss the process of putting together outfits, picking locations and shooting. This particular post was shot in my bedroom to be. I was certain that I wanted a sky blue wall since before I even found my apartment, even though people tried to talk me out of it 😅 It does make for some pretty cool photos, doesn't it?

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31 May 2019


At this point, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've been pretty MIA on my blog - I checked and my last post was from a month and a half ago, and I have a reason (or a few) for that. Basically, the biggest one is that I started working as a content writer and you can imagine how that has affected my inspiration and motivation to write and post. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but doing it professionally every day has drained me a bit, as pretty much every job does. I still recognize what a privilege it is to be able to do what I'm passionate about, it just means that I am going to spend a little less time writing here. And that's okay.

The other major reason is that I am not sure about what I want to do and how I want to present myself on social media. The influencer market is overly saturated and you all know that I had my fair share of it, but that is not something that interests me any more. That being said, the items in these photos are still gifted and I am including links to them, so I understand how it may come off hypocritical of me. What I mean is that I just don't believe in "traditional influencing" any more (holy shit, can you imagine that the influencer market is so new and we already have traditional and new approaches, I love the 21st century). I don't want to hide behind the picture-perfect mask and present an unattainable version of, well, a normal person. I'm going to be editing my photos less, showing more imperfections and talking about things that really matter to me from now on. And not care as much about the image I present to the world, but rather my own perception of me, because that's what's most important.

I want to promote self-acceptance and transparency in what I do, because I owe that to everyone still following me, but also to myself. I don't care about marketing strategies, best times to post and numbers of followers anymore. I just want to focus on making this journey enjoyable for myself and my readers, and I hope you can agree with me.

Jacket and Pants Co-Ord: Shein // Trainers: Fashion Days

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18 April 2019


Neon green top: Shein // Leather pants: SheIn // Bum bag: H&M // Coat: New Yorker

I have finally fallen victim of the neon trend. Neon green in particular is something I've always wanted to try and seeing it paired with a tan, has really made me embrace it. Another thing we've been seeing for a while now is the bum bag which I thought wasn't my thing, until I realized how convenient it is. Now I love it! And you already know I'm all about leather pants, so this outfit is me all over, but in a new way.

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9 April 2019


Top: H&M // Leather jeans: SheIn // Boots: Bershka // Coat: New Yorker

I've been really loving leather look trousers recently and to my surprise, they're very comfy, too. You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit, especially when you have no idea what to wear, so that's always my go-to. The weather is getting warmer though and last summer I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't wear anything black and this year I am planning on doing it again!

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