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8 December 2018


Top: SheIn // Jeans: SheIn // Trainers: Adidas

SO MANY PHOTOS but I had so many good ones to choose from and ended up uploading almost all of them! I love how blogging has helped me so much with my confidence and being able to let loose. When I started I would shoot only where there were no people and over the years I eventually stopped caring about it. I've also grown a lot creatively and love thinking of locations to shoot posts.

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27 November 2018


Dress: SheIn // Boots: Vintage

I can't stop looking at this dress! It's so pretty and perfect for fall. Too bad it's gone now and I have to freeze to death while I take my photos.

I know I'm going to get questions about the location - it's the cutest restaurant, called Happy House
and they have grilled veggies with halloumi. It's a must-visit in Varna!

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18 November 2018


Sweater: SheIn // Coat: H&M // Jeans: SheIn // Boots: H&M

And we're all just living in it. Seriously, the ancient Egyptians were onto something with their cat worshipping.

I can't believe how cold the weather got in just a few days, which I guess is normal for this time of year, but like, I have outfits to shoot! I've been feeling really down too and I can't figure out what the reason for that is, but I know I'll be back to normal very soon.
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Is the cold weather getting to you too?