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22 March 2018


The focus of today's post is going to be the brand BECCA Cosmetics. When I hear BECCA, I think of glowy, lit from within makeup, which looks effortless and natural. We're not going to be talking about ultra matte foundations, strong contouring and neon colours, but quite the opposite. So, how does BECCA stay relevant in today's saturated market, when it doesn't offer the widest range of products and trends?

The first thing I'm going to do is review the products I have.

Backlight Priming Filter

This primer came to my attention after I listened to Jacklyn Hill hype it up over and over again, but we're going to be talking more about her later. What made me buy it was the claim of hydrated and lit from within skin, which let's be honest, who doesn't want? I've never been big on primers, because a simple moisturizer has always done the job for me and I can't say that the Backlight Priming Filter is that outstanding either, but what makes me repurchase it is the effortless look it gives my skin. It makes full coverage foundations seem almost natural and really adds a glow, which makes me look healthy and luminous. That being said, the target customer is limited due to the fact that it does not hide pores or smooth out texture, doesn't reduce shine and oil - on the contrary, it enhances it, so I can't see anyone with oily or acne prone skin loving it.

Brightening Corrector

This corrector is the newest addition to my growing BECCA collection. The reason behind this purchase were the before and after photos shown on their website, which are really convincing to someone who's always struggled with dark under eye circles. I got the shade Light to Medium (there are only two shades) and started wearing it the moment it arrived. I personally love the coverage and hydration it gives to my under eye area, but again, it does have some downsides. I watched reviews on YouTube to see how other people used it and not all of them were positive. I think the reason behind is that again, I am the target customer, but someone with little to no dark circles wouldn't like it, as it really brightens and highlights the skin. Another thing is that it leaves a really dewy finish, so you have to be careful with how you use it. I have no problem wearing it on its own, because my under eye area is hollow, but if you don't want it that highlighted, you probably have to put another concealer on top and set it with powder.

Pearl and Champagne Pop Highlighters

Now we're talking - the product that really put BECCA on the map - the highlighters.
Since the rise of social media and its influencers, brands have become more aware and smarter in their advertising, which is a natural way to adapt to the market. BECCA made a really smart move by collaborating with one of the biggest beauty influencers, Jacklyn Hill (seems like everything she touches turns to gold, e.g. the Morphe palette too). I have to be honest, I hadn't even heard of the brand until I saw the blinding warm gold highlighter, which became an instant hit. The reason why everyone loves it is because it is in fact an amazing quality product, but also because of the name behind it. As you can see, mine had a major accident, which left a little crack in my heart too, but I managed to put it together and still use it to this day.

The other shade I have is Pearl, which is a true white. I don't use it as much, even though it's equally as blinding, because it's too light for me (don't ask me why I got it in the first place), but I still think it's a great item in my collection.

Even Aria loves Champagne Pop.

Other products that BECCA has include eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, blushes, different forms of highlighters, concealers, powders and bronzers, which as you can imagine all aim to give you a flawless, but natural look. I'm not calling BECCA boring or a one trick pony, but compared to other brands on the market, which seem to put out hundreds of different products each year to cater to all sorts of clients and trends, this brand keeps it simple. So, what's the selling point?
I think we can all agree that throughout the changes and trends in makeup, a radiant natural look will always preservere and be something that people want to have. Another advantage is that when you have less products, you can really focus on perfecting them and giving people the quality they expect for the price. I'd say that BECCA is fairly secure, compared to Benefit and Too Faced for example, which have a lot of hit or miss products.

BECCA is also a cruelty free brand and a lot of its products are vegan, which is definitely something that influences customers. At the end of the day, it's really up to you to decide if the products would be suitable for you and if the price is justified. I have only had good experience with BECCA, so you have my thumbs up.

So, what really makes BECCA cult? 
A simplistic approach and luxurious products. Promising a look that's classic and always relevant. Smart business moves in collaborating with influencers. Delivering high quality. Keeping its clients by being true to its concept and luring new ones in by releasing easy to use effortless looking products.
Sounds like a formula for success, right?

31 May 2017


I noticed that I've stacked up a decent pile of highlighters recently, so I decided to put them in a post and tell you what I think about them. Some of them were sent as PR from the companies, but most of them I bought myself.
Забелязах, че съм натрупала стабилно количество хайлайтъри напоследък, така че реших да ги събера в пост и да ви кажа какво мисля за тях. Някои са ми пратени като PR, но повечето съм си ги купила сама.

Becca Pearl & Champagne Pop

Let's start with the most popular ones. I first got Champagne Pop and loved it, but it was too dark for my pale skin (works for me only when I have fake tan on), so I wanted to give the brand another go, because the quality of the products is really up there. I ordered Pearl, which is completely white and is perfect for me. They're both so intense and long lasting, which I love, but I wouldn't recommend them to someone who's into a more natural look.
Да започнем с най-популярните. Първо се сдобих с Champagne Pop, който е страхотен, но твърде тъмен за бледата ми кожа (нося го само когато имам изкуствен тен), така че исках да дам още един шанс на марката, защото качеството на продуктите наистина е високо. Поръчах си Pearl, който е напълно бял и е перфектен за мен. И двата са много наситени и дълготрайни, което обожавам, но не бих ги препоръчала на някой, който предпочита естествен грим.

theBalm Mary Loumanizer

This iconic highlighter is probably my most used one and it's been through a lot - it fell and shattered, but I miraculously managed to save it. I've included it in so many posts, which you can read here, here, here, here and here, so you already know I love it.
 Този всеизвестен хайлайтър е може би и най-използвания ми и е преживял доста - падна и се натроши, а аз по чудо успях да го спася. Включвала съм го в толкова много публикации, които можете да прочетете тук, тук, тук, тук и тук, така че вече знаете, че го обожавам.

Catrice Deluxe Glow Highlighter, High Glow & Prismatic Pink

I bought the High Glow highlighter a long time ago, because I didn't have this many products then and wanted variety. It's still a very good one, but it cracked and part of it fell without me dropping it, which I think is due to the fact that it's mineralized. I received the palette and the Prismatic Pink ones from the company and they are quite different - all the colours in the palette are very subtle, which is not my thing, but the pink highlighter is way more opaque and almost duochrome, which is so different from everything else I own and I love it.
Купих си High Glow преди доста време, защото нямах толкова много продукти тогава и исках разнообразие. Все още е добър, но се пукна и част от него падна без да съм го изпускала, което мисля, че е поради факта, че е минерализиран. Получих палитрата и Prismatic Pink от марката и са доста различни - всички цветове в палитрата са много бледи, което не ми допада, но розовият хайлайтър е много по-наситен и почти холографен, което се отличава от всичко останало, което имам и го обожавам.

Catrice Face Glow Definer

This is the only liquid highlighter I have and again, I received as PR, but boy am I impressed. It's so opaque it could be compared to the Becca ones. It's a nice gold/champagne colour and is almost the same as Champagne Pop, so if you're looking for a dupe, this is it. The only downsides are that 1) it dries very quickly, so you have to blend it fast and 2) I think it's limited edition.
Това е единственият течен хайлайтър, който имам и отново го получих като PR, но наистина съм впечатлена. Толкова е наситен, че може да се сравни с тези на Becca. Златен/шампанско цвят е и е почти еднакъв с Champagne Pop, така че ако си търсите двойник, това е той. Единствените недостатъци са, че 1) Съхне бързо и трябва да сте бързи с блендването и 2) Май беше лимитиран.

Essence Light Up Your Face Palette

This is another face palette I received as PR, but it's very different from the one by Catrice. It has 3 colours and the first one is very chalky and not a good colour, but the other two are great - opaque enough and not as subtle.
Това е още една палитра, която получих като PR, но е много различна от тази на Catrice. Има 3 цвята и първият е много тебеширен и не хубав цвят, но другите два са страхотни - достатъчно наситени и не са бледи.

Here are all the swatches with and without flash, starting from the Catrice liquid at the top, Pearl, Champagne Pop, Mary Loumanizer, High Glow by Catrice, Prismatic Pink and then the two palettes.

Which is your favourite one?
Ето ги и всички суочове със и без светкавица, започвайки от течния на Catrice отгоре, Pearl, Champagne Pop, Mary Loumanizer, Catrice High Glow, Prismatic Pink и след това двете палитри.

Кой е вашият любим хайлайтър?

3 May 2017


I actually haven't done any monthly favourites so far this year for one reason or another, but I've finally got round to doing this post. I've been buying a lot of makeup recently and I'm not proud, but that also means more things to write about. Here's what I've been loving for the month of April (and probs not only).
Тази година не бях писала за месечни любимци поради една или друга причина, но най-накрая се реших да го направя. Напоследък купувам доста козметика, с което не се гордея, но пък това означава и повече постове. Ето какво ме впечатли през април (и не само).

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

I recently did a separate review on this one, which you can read here, but basically it makes my skin look so healthy and glowing and has decent coverage as well.
Наскоро писах отделно ревю за него, което можете да прочетете тук, но накратко, кожата ми изглежда толкова озарена и здрава, и има добро покритие.

Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealer

This to me is still the best concealer for covering up spots and since I've had a few breakouts recently, it's come in especially handy. I apply it with a little lip brush on the spots and set it with powder and it just works wonders.
Това за мен все още е най-добрият коректор за прикриване на пъпки. Тъй като имах доста напоследък, той влезе в употреба. Нанасям го с малка четка за устни върху пъпките и го запечатвам с пудра. Направо върши чудеса.

Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter & H&M Blush

The oh-so-overhyped Champagne Pop highlighter by Becca didn't impress me much at first, because I'd been using Mary Loumanizer for ages and there was almost no difference between the two. But I've been reaching more for Champagne Pop recently, because I've been using fake tan and it's just perfect - very long lasting, buttery and opaque. The blush is the perfect colour for this time of year.
Толкова хваленият хайлайтър Champagne Pop от Becca не ме впечатли много първоначално, защото бях използвала Mary Loumanizer с векове и почти не открих разлика между двата. Но напоследък посягам повече към Champagne Pop, защото използвам повече изкуствен тен и е просто перфектен - много дълготраен, маслен и наситен. Ружът е перфектният цвят за това време на годината.

Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil

I had been looking for a product like this for soooo long and when I saw it in the drugstore, I had to get it. It's so precise and the colour is perfect for me. I think the only problem is I'll run out too fast, but I use up around one eyebrow pencil a month anyway 😄
Търсех такъв продукт от тооооолкова време и когато го видях в Лили, трябваше да го взема. Толкова е прецизен и цветът е перфектен за мен. Мисля, че единственият проблем е, че ще го привърша много бързо, но пък така или иначе изразходвам по един молив за вежди на месец 😄

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I got this from Sephora when I was in Sofia and I went for the travel size, because I had heard a lot of mixed reviews, but I absolutely fell in love with it. It lengthens and separates the lashes so well and lasts all day without smudging.
Взех си я от Sephora в София и се насочих към мини размера, защото бях чувала доста смесени мнения, но се влюбих в нея. Удължава и разделя миглите толкова добре и издържа цял ден без да се размазва.

Charlotte Tilbury Kim KW lipstick

This is from her Hot Lips range and I went for this colour, because it looked like the perfect nude and I was right. It's very light and pink, so it wouldn't work well on all skin tones, but for anyone with a light to medium complexion, it's amazing.
Това е от Hot Lips серията й и избрах този цвят, защото изглеждаше като перфектния нюуд и бях права. Много светъл и розов е, така че не би стоял добре на всички цветове на кожата, но за всеки със светла до средна, е перфектен.

Yu Ling Jade Roller

I got this as a freebie with my latest Cult Beauty order and I'm not sure if it actually helps my skin, but massaging my face with it is so relaxing and I feel refreshed after.
Получих го безплатно с последната си поръчка от Cult Beauty и не съм сигурна дали помага на кожата ми, но масажирането на лицето ми с него е супер релаксиращо и се чувствам освежена след това.

Yves Rocher Noix de Coco

I love the smell of coconuts so much and I'd been eyeing this EDP by Yves Rocher for quite a while now. I thought it would be perfect for summer, too.
Обожавам аромата на кокос и си бях набелязала тази тоалетна вода от Yves Rocher от известно време. Реших и че ще е перфектна за лятото.

I got a new pair of sunnies from H&M as well. I have so many, but a new one is essential every summer. I really need a clean up though haha.
Взех си и нов чифт слънчеви очила от H&M. Имам толкова много, но всяко лято си вземам нови. Наистина трябва да ги разчистя обаче.

So, those were all my favourite products for April. I'd love to know what you've been loving!
Това бяха всичките ми любимци през април. Бих се радвала да разбера и вашите!