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7 December 2014

Haircare Routine

I recently made a post called My Hair Is The Best Thing About Me, where I mentioned that I don't use any special products on my hair and my routine is nothing interesting, but honestly, my hair is one of the most talked about topics when I'm with friends or collegues, so I decided to share the products I do use.

Наскоро направих публикация, която се казва My Hair Is The Best Thing About Me, където споменах, че не използвам никакви специални продукти в косата си и грижата за нея не е нищо интересно, но честно казано, косата ми е една от най-обсъжданите теми, когато съм с приятели или колеги, така че реших да споделя продуктите, които използвам.

The shampoo I've been using recently is this one by Dove. I've been using their shampoos for a while now and they have worked the best on my hair. The one I usually buy is for damaged hair, but I hadn't seen this one before, so I decided to give it a try, since I straighten my hair every time I wash it (otherwise it looks like a combed afro). It doesn't irritate my scalp and it doesn't make my hair too greasy, even though washing it every two days isn't ideal for me. Overall, it's a good product and I might repurchase it.

Шампоанът, който използвам напоследък е този от Dove. От много време използвам техни шампоани, защото най-добре се сработват с косата ми. Обикновено купувам този за увредена коса, но този не го бях виждала преди, така че реших да го пробвам, понеже изправям косата си всеки път като я измия (иначе изглежда като сресано афро). Не дразни скалпа ми и не омазнява косата ми прекалено много, въпреки че да я мия всеки два дни не е идеално за мен. Общо взето е добър продукт и може да си го купя отново.

I use this hair mask as a conditioner every time I wash my hair. It's for coloured hair and as you know my hair is very coloured haha. It's from Garnier and it makes my hair soooo soft, I love it. 

Използвам тази маска всеки път като си измия косата. За боядисана коса е и както знаете, моята коса е много боядисана хаха. На Garnier е и прави косата ми тооооолкова мека, обожавам я.

 Coconut and Argan oil. Both of them are very hydrating and good for dry ends. I put coconut oil in my hair a few hours before washing it, because it's very greasy (surprise) and sometimes after I've curled it. I put argan oil on damp hair and it also makes it soft and shiny.

Кокосово и арганово масло. И двете са много хидратиращи и добри при сухи краища. Слагам кокосовото масло в косата си няколко часа преди да я измия, защото е много мазно (изненада) и понякога след като съм я накъдрила. Арганово масло слагам на влажна коса и то също я прави мека и блестяща.

I used to spray quinine water in my roots, because it supposedly makes your hair thicker and grow faster. I don't know if it works, but my hair is thick and grows pretty fast, so I'd say give it a try, because it's cheap anyway.

Преди слагах хининова вода в корените си, защото би трябвало да сгъсти косата и да започне да расте по-бързо. Не знам дали върши работа, защото косата ми е гъста и расте сравнително бързо, така че бих препоръчала да го пробвате. Така или иначе не струва много.

This is the hairbrush I use. You've probably already heard and read loads about these, but they really are amazing and life-changing. It used to be a nightmare combing my hair and I even used to avoid it, but this has made it so much easier and quicker.

Това е четката, която използвам. Сигурно вече сте чули и чели доста за тях, но наистина са страхотни и живото променящи. Беше кошмар да си среша косата и дори избягвах да го правя, но това много го направи много по-лесно и бързо.

Finally, this is my hair right now. It's very blonde and getting long. I'd love to hear your favourite products and tips on keeping your hair healthy.

За заключение, това е косата ми в момента. Много е руса и става дълга. С удоволствие бих чела за вашите любими продукти и съвети как да поддържам косата си здрава.

5 November 2014

My Hair Is The Best Thing About Me

My titles are starting to look like Fall Out Boy songs.

I have always loved my hair, but I haven't always had the best of luck with haircuts and colours. I must say I am pretty happy with the way it is right now and even though it has a special place in my heart, I don't take any special care of it. I do put coconut oil on it from time to time before washing it and argan oil after washing it, but apart from that it's just the standard procedure. I guess it's genes, because it's been coloured countless times.

Заглавията ми започват да приличат на песни на Fall Out Boy.

Винаги съм обичала косата си, но невинаги съм имала голям късмет с подстрижки и боядисване. Трябва да призная, че съм сравнително доволна от начина, по който изглежда сега. Въпреки че има специално място в сърцето ми, не се грижа по специален начин за нея. Слагам кокосово масло преди измиване и арганово масло след измиване от време на време, но освен това е стандартната процедура. Предполагам, че се държи на гени, защото е боядисвана безброй пъти.

8 August 2014

Strawberry Blonde

Here are some more photos of my new hair colour. I really love it, even though the hue wasn't what I was going for. 
P.S. It's currently half past 10 in the morning and I'm going to the dentist in an hour, so wish me luck!

5 August 2014

New Hair Colour

I wanted to go lighter, but still look natural, so this is how it turned out. It's actually lighter in person, but the photos are bad quality, which I apologise for. I just wanted to share this change in my life (lol).

7 July 2014

Hair Colour History

If you know me, you'd know that I change the colour of my hair quite often. I'm not afraid to take a risk and sometimes it pays off. Other times... well.

Anyway, my natural hair colour is a dark ashy brown as you can see below. (Excuse my 14-year-old self, I didn't know how to take selfies back then)

I first dyed my hair in June 2010 and it was pretty much a disaster. It went bright orange and I had to dye it again the following day. Here's how it looked like.

I was 15, so not really adequate yet.

Then, I got bored with it and wanted to go back to my natural colour, so I dyed it again. This time, it turned out almost black.

Obviously, I still didn't know quite what I was doing.

After that, I think the dye gradually washed out and I cut it pretty short for me. That was around the spring of 2011.

Then, either towards the end of 2011 or in the beginning of 2012, I coloured it with henna for the first time. It turned out dark red, which I loved.

In the summer of 2012, my hair had grown a lot and the orange dye had surfaced (it will never leave me)

It looks different in different lighting. 

I think in the fall of 2012 I had ombre for the first time, but it was nothing spectacular. Also, I had cut it again and the length was not to my taste. I made it ombre again in the spring of 2013.

Obviously, it was very dramatic.

In the summer of 2013, of course, I got tired of it and dyed it some weird light brown colour. I can't remember if I did it myself, but I must have. Looking back at it, I don't really like it.

In September 2013, I wanted to go back to my natural colour, so what do you think I did? At first, it was really dark, almost black, but then it washed out and it was okay. So here's how it looked.

It lasted a very long time (for me), but I changed it in January 2014.

I took a huge risk and got blonde highlights. it actually looked amazing, but they didn't cover my roots.

I dyed it again the following day and I hated it at first, but when I look at it now, I would go back to that colour again.

The last time I dyed it was in April 2014 and again, I wanted to go back to my natural hair colour. I used the same dye I had used in September 2013, because I knew it works for me - Garnier Color Sensation in 4.0

I am planning to dye my hair again, I'm just not certain on a date yet. I want to give my hair a rest for a little while, but I'm not sure I'm gonna go the whole Summer with this hair colour. I will make a post, when it happens.