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31 May 2019


At this point, I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've been pretty MIA on my blog - I checked and my last post was from a month and a half ago, and I have a reason (or a few) for that. Basically, the biggest one is that I started working as a content writer and you can imagine how that has affected my inspiration and motivation to write and post. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but doing it professionally every day has drained me a bit, as pretty much every job does. I still recognize what a privilege it is to be able to do what I'm passionate about, it just means that I am going to spend a little less time writing here. And that's okay.

The other major reason is that I am not sure about what I want to do and how I want to present myself on social media. The influencer market is overly saturated and you all know that I had my fair share of it, but that is not something that interests me any more. That being said, the items in these photos are still gifted and I am including links to them, so I understand how it may come off hypocritical of me. What I mean is that I just don't believe in "traditional influencing" any more (holy shit, can you imagine that the influencer market is so new and we already have traditional and new approaches, I love the 21st century). I don't want to hide behind the picture-perfect mask and present an unattainable version of, well, a normal person. I'm going to be editing my photos less, showing more imperfections and talking about things that really matter to me from now on. And not care as much about the image I present to the world, but rather my own perception of me, because that's what's most important.

I want to promote self-acceptance and transparency in what I do, because I owe that to everyone still following me, but also to myself. I don't care about marketing strategies, best times to post and numbers of followers anymore. I just want to focus on making this journey enjoyable for myself and my readers, and I hope you can agree with me.

Jacket and Pants Co-Ord: Shein // Trainers: Fashion Days

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25 October 2018


I've had an overwhelming urge to write recently and I think it's mostly due to the fact that I've pretty much abandoned my blog. It's easy to get caught up in your day-to-day life and forget the things you love doing. I want to break that cycle and since no one reads my blog anymore, I don't feel as pressured to follow a schedule and post frequently. It's also easier to open up and talk about whatever I feel like sharing.

Today, that is the imminent question "Why are you single?", which I can't answer myself. 

It seems like being in a relationship is the norm. It makes sense - we are social creatures, thriving on interaction and contact with others, seeking approval, be it subconsciously and dreading loneliness. That leads me to the conclusion that I'm an alien. Jokes aside, I do feel out of place on many occasions. Many of my classmates have long-term relationships, some are engaged, some are married, some have kids, while I frequently drink wine alone in my room on a Thursday, wearing a dressing gown and eating animal-shaped biscuits. I know life's not a race and I should take things at my own pace but it's hard not to compare yourself to your peers, especially in the day and age of social media, where you get daily updates from people you want or don't want to keep in touch with. 

The bigger issue however, is that I don't really want to catch up to them anytime soon. I enjoy my own company to a dangerous degree. It takes a lot for me to decide to give someone my time and energy, because those are the most valuable resources we have. I don't feel the need to share myself with someone. I don't know if I want to get married or have children. Currently I don't, but who knows, I might change my mind.

I have my friends, who give me more support than I could have ever wished for and that's more than enough for me. Of course, that's not the same as having someone who thinks you put the stars in the sky, but to me friendship is more unconditional and rewarding than a boyfriend.

I know that people will say that I just haven't found the right person to share my life with, aka "the one", but I don't believe in that concept. Life isn't like the movies, there is no magical feeling of everything falling into place when you meet someone and instantly knowing that you're meant to be. I believe that love starts with a feeling, but turns into a choice, a mutual conscious choice. I also believe that friendship and understanding should always be the base of any relationship. All in all, it's hard work and I haven't found anyone worthy of the effort yet. I don't know if I will, but I don't mind either outcome. 

People also ask "who hurt you" as if an unsuccessful relationship can make me give up on love. Fuck my high school boyfriend, who thought blocking me on Facebook was an acceptable way to break up with me. Fuck the boy who used my body and concluded "I think we're better off as friends". Fuck the one that wanted me, but wasn't ready to give anything in return, too. Those are all learning experiences and I don't have the energy to stay bitter and closed off to the world because of them.

Me being single doesn't depend on anyone or anything else apart from me. I'm in the process of bettering and getting to know myself and my needs. My life is a mess and for someone to walk into it, they'd have to be understanding of that and my need to be by myself more than most.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint, I enjoy my flings and casual dating, but I'm really selective and careful with who I actually let have a role in my life.

I'm not writing anything off, but I'm not unhappy with where I am right now. Going with the flow isn't so bad, as long as you don't let the current drown you.

And just so you know, blogging is way cheaper than therapy and so is chocolate.

14 March 2018


As you may know, I'm in my final year at uni studying maritime management. I've thought about doing a post on my uni experience too, but I'll leave that for after I graduate.
Today I'm doing a bit of a confession on why I skip lectures more often than I actually go to them.

  1. The weather is really nice and I went to the beach. This is my favourite excuse and one of my favourite things about living in a seaside town. Plus, I can watch ships from there, so isn't it part of my education anyway?
  2. The weather is horrible and I decided to stay in bed. Another totally acceptable excuse. Who wants to go out when it's raining or even snowing? Nah. I'd rather stay in bed and watch Netflix.
  3. I'd rather work on my blog.
  4. I stayed up late watching Champions League and couldn't wake up early.
  5. I just don't feel like going.
Lol I hope my lecturers don't read my blog, because bye bye diploma otherwise. Anyways, I can imagine that if you are or have been a student, you'd totally understand me.

Както може би знаете, последен курс специалност мениджмънт на водния транспорт съм. Мислила съм си да напиша и пост за студентските ми години, но ще го оставя за след като се дипломирам. Днес правя малко самопризнание за това защо пропускам лекции по-често, отколкото ги посещавам.

  1. Времето е много хубаво и съм отишла на плажа. Това е любимото ми извинение и едно от любимите ми неща във Варна. Плюс това, мога да видя корабите от там, така че това не е ли част от обучението ми така или иначе?
  2. Времето е ужасно и съм решила да остана в леглото. Още едно напълно приемливо извинение. Кой иска да излезе, когато вали дъжд или дори сняг? Не. Предпочитам да остана в леглото и да гледам Нетфликс.
  3. По-скоро бих работила върху блога си.
  4. Стояла съм до късно да гледам Шампионска Лига и не съм успяла да се събудя.
  5. Просто не ми се ходи.
Хаха, надявам се преподавателите да не четат блога ми, защото иначе чао, диплома. Както и да е, предполагам, че ако сте или някога сте били студенти, напълно ме разбирате.


10 July 2017


Dress: H&M // Bag: Terranova // Shoes: INGILIZ // Sunglasses: H&M

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but it's just too hot. All I want to do is stay in by the air conditioner, but when I go out, I usually wear flowy dresses with slits, like this one, to keep me cool (if that's even possible). I've been really loving white recently as well, as you can tell from my nails, and these sandals are just perfect for summer. I love how I can put them on to instantly make an outfit more sophisticated and classy.

By the way, if you see any pretty midi or long dresses, do let me know!
Имам чувството, че се повтарям, но просто е твърде горещо. Искам само да си стоя до климатика, но когато все пак изляза, нося свободни рокли с цепки, като тази, за да не ми е топло (ако това е възможно). Напоследък много харесвам бяло, както може да се види на ноктите ми, а тези сандали са перфектни за лятото. Харесва ми как мога да ги обуя и те веднага преобразяват тоалета.

Между другото, ако видите хубави дълги рокли или с дължина под коляното, кажете ми!

30 April 2017


We decided to go on a little weekend getaway to Sozopol and I wanted to share what a pretty view I have from my hotel room. We arrived yesterday and are leaving tomorrow, but I hope I get enough time to relax and take my mind off uni a bit. Bayern winning the Bundesliga last night definitely helped haha.
Решихме да се разходим през уикенда до Созопол и исках да споделя гледката от хотелската си стая. Пристигнахме вчера и тръгваме утре, но се надявам да имам достатъчно време да си почина и да се разсея от университета. Спечелването на Бундеслигата от Байерн снощи определено помогна хаха.

3 March 2017


Coat: ASOS // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: ???? // Bag: Bershka // Sunglasses: New Yorker

I'm really tired of coats at this point, but since I pretty much buy a new one every year and really wanted a camel colour one, I ordered this from the ASOS sale and I'm in love with it. It's very very heavy, but the look of it with the sewn in hood is so cool. Are you looking forward to spring, too?

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Писна ми от палта вече, но тъй като общо взето си купувам ново всяка година и много исках едно в този цвят, си поръчах това от намалението в ASOS и много ми харесва. Доста доста тежко е, но начинът, по който изглежда с вшитата качулка е много як. Вие очаквате ли пролетта?

2 January 2017


I had to post some pics from today as it was one of the nicest days ever and the best start of the year! Yoli is back in town and we finally managed to hang out a bit and take lots of insta-worthy photos. I really love the beach in the winter, because it's so much calmer and view of palm trees and snow together is amazing.
Трябваше да постна няколко снимки от днес, тъй като беше един от най-хубавите дни и най-доброто начало на годината. Йоли си е вкъщи за малко и най-накрая успяхме да се видим и да направим доста снимки, подходящи за Instagram. Много харесвам плажа през зимата, защото е много по-спокоен и гледката на палми и сняг заедно е страхотна.